"Traction on the Move" Treatment Concept

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Back and Neck Pain Treatment

Meditrac products are intelligently designed devices coupled with the winning active physical rehabilitation program, "Traction on the Move."

Our proprietary treatment concept integrates a portable cervical or lumbar spine traction unit with an innovative physical therapy program, encouraging patients to be physically active while receiving decompression to the spine.
Active rehabilitation with our devices effectively increases blood circulation to the injured area, allowing for an accelerated healing process.

Our products offer a novel approach to back and neck pain treatments that enable rapid recovery and eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery, while saving on space and costs.

And the Outcome?
A low cost, user-friendly, winning treatment that delivers better service, better results, and a better revenue stream.

Alternative to Surgery

15-30 Minutes Treatment

Drug Free Pain Relief

Safe and Effective

Traction on the Move

Use at Home

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