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Are Your Patients Suffering from “TEXT NECK”? In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that we’re spending more time looking down at

By Danielle Krieger PT, DPT Neck pain is a real and serious public health concern across the globe, and unfortunately, it is

By Danielle Krieger PT, DPT What is lumbar traction equipment and what does it do? Traditional lumbar traction equipment comes in many

Many people mistakenly believe that the best way to treat a sore lower back is to rest. However, modern research has shown

“Traction on the Move” not only encourages exercise during treatment, it uses motion to accelerate recovery! Take a look at this video

Do not let the pain keep you from moving! Too many people suffering from spinal disorders refrain from being mobile due to

The following study, published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, displays the effectiveness of active rehabilitation on reducing pain in patients

I came across this interesting article on WebMD and I’d like to share it. This is something that Meditrac clinics have been

The Opioid epidemic has led neck and back pain sufferers to turn to chiropractic methods for safe and effective treatment options. Prescribing