Meditrac’s mission is to bring relief to sufferers of spinal cord pain and improve their quality of life. Used as recommended, our products reduce the need for surgery or any invasive procedure. We help improve the quality of life for back and neck pain sufferers. We provide the professional community proven, effective, safe, and cost-conscious medical devices. Through our clinics we have developed best use strategies which we are constantly refining and sharing with our customers.

Meditrac is in the business of developing, producing, and marketing innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders. 
Offering a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, Meditrac devices enable rapid recovery and help eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery.

Meditrac’s proprietary treatment concept was developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons.  The “Traction on the Move” concept takes conservative decompression methods to new levels, promoting rapid healing and rehabilitation. A personalized physical therapy for neck program is an integral part of the treatment.  This two-step program of decompression therapy for the cervical or lumbar spine alongside an innovative PT program, is a proven combination. Scoliosis pain sufferers, too, can benefit from a targeted program.  Patients from juveniles through elderly have enjoyed the benefits of the program.  Patients improve their blood circulation, regain flexibility, and experience an improvement in psychological well-being.

Meditrac products are used to treat a wide range of spinal disorders, including sciatica, herniated disc, whiplash injury, degenerative changes, and spinal stenosis due to disc herniation.  Meditrac products have been distributed worldwide

since 1992. 
Meditrac products have been widely featured in research publications, including studies on treatment efficacy and the mechanism of motion during treatment.

Our products: VertetracCervico2000,  D.B.S.

All Meditrac products are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration and feature the CE mark.

Meditrac operates two modern spine clinics in Israel.


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