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“The Cervico2000 is the finest cervical traction device I have ever used in my 38 years as a certified athletic trainer. It is easy to apply, which is very important for me since I work with professional golfers who travel extensively. They can use the Cervico2000 every day on the road with ease.
The Cervico2000 fits very comfortable and gives even cervical traction. The amount of pressure can be adjusted easily to increase and decrease the amount of traction during the treatment without having to remove the unit. I highly recommend the Cervico 2000 to anyone with cervical pain, tightness, and stiffness. I personally use it daily. The Cervico 2000 is a high quality product with heavy duty construction and it is easy to travel with since it is very light.
Great product!!!!”

Frank Novakoski, MA ATC/L


“These devices have truly been amazing for the patients with outstanding clinical outcomes. I think I purchased them both around 15 years ago. As a result, we have likely avoided hundreds of spinal surgeries.”

Dr. Andrew P. Hatch, DC, MBA, PhDc – 08.10.2015
CEO – Global Wellness

Dr. Andrew P. Hatch


“I have used the Cervico 2000 on few patients with herniated discs producing successful results. One particular case involves a patient who was involved in a motor vehicle accident 3 years ago in which she suffered whipped-lash injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine.

However, she had a herniated disc at C5-C6, and was encroaching the nerve root, producing a tingling and numbness in her right hand. The patient is a middle-school teacher, and stated that she has trouble holding her chalk and writing on the board during her lectures since the accident, and is beginning to get worse.

Patient came in to my office for her stiff neck and pain down her right arm. After 5 treatments, patient reported that the radiating pain has subsided, and the neck was feeling better. She also stated that the right arm does not get fatigue and painful when she writes on the chalk board before, and is able to perform her job better.

Patient comes to our office once a week, and has been under treatment for 2 months with great results.

Patient is very happy with the treatment, and is able to function fully during her daily activities.

Dr. Mike Cheng, D.C.
Pennsylvania, USA



I love both the Vertetrac and cervical version… have been using them for YEARS, as recommended to me by Dr. Glenn Harrison, co-founder of CBP technique. I utilize inversion traction, have a Saunders unit for horizontal tx., as well as an anatomotor….

I greatly prefer the Vertetrac, as the dynamic aspects of movement while tractioning is a much quicker response… I find it to not only allow a quicker response, but longer lasting overall. In my protocol, I have them do so in office, titrating up to 12 – 15 mins. from initially starting at 3-5, depending on their tolerance… For the majority, it is immediate relief as performing, but gravity of course comes on…

Scoliosis care as well, with this unit… And for the Cervico2000, cervical unit- I don’t know of any traction, that allows a dynamic vs. static, that applies all three axis’s support while performing.

Hope it helps,


Dr. Larry Ward

Dr. Larry Ward


I was carrying my son (almost 3 years old and 40 Ibs) on my shoulders when I noticed left arm pain and paresthesias These symptoms worsened over the next 10 days.

My MRI showed disc bulges at C2 – 07, disc herniation at C6-7, foramina! stenosis and canal stenosis. I have been a competitive powerlifter all my adult life and never once had any neck symptoms. I purchased the Cervico2000 and used it daily for 10 minutes and gradually increasing daily to 20 minutes over the next two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks my symptoms were GONE! Needless to say I was quite pleased. I then started using the Cervico2000 with patients.

The first patient had headaches for decades. We were using my standard supine intermittent traction unit with no results. After one 10 minute session with the Cervico2000 her headaches were gone. I used it several more times and she has had no recurrence of the headaches. Since then I have been using the Cervico2000 with all my neck and upper extremity patients with great results. I purchased a second unit to rent to patients as I have found that daily use over two weeks provides incredible relief for patients. Thank you Meditrac for a wonderful therapy!

Steven Horwitz, DC, CCSP, CKTP, CSCS, USAW, HKC, USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach 1996 United States Olympic Team Chiropractor

Dr. Steven Horwitz


For all the years that I have been using multiple Vertetrac units for the successful treatment of lumbar disc lesions, IVF stenosis, etc..

I kept asking myself when someone was going to design a similair unit for the cervical spine. I would like to thank Meditrac for having the vision to do so in its manufacture of the CerviCo 2000. I have used several different types of cervical traction units over the years with sub optimal results.

With the CerviCo, I am able to impart sufficient, constant distractive forces to the patient with minimal discomfort to them. The constant high load distractive forces allow for an improved ability of the body to heal the soft tissue components of the lesions The individual traction rods allow different levels of distraction to be performed on the right and left at the same time, this is especially helpful with cases of torticollis.

Thank you again for this fine product.

Yours in health,




Dear Meditrac,

I have been using the Cervico 2000 device for the past several months.

The results with patients having herniated, bulging and degenerative disc problems have been remarkable.

Most of my patients have tried numerous other methods of treatment, including other forms of traction, and had no symptomatic relief until using the Cervico 2000.

I urge anyone treating cervical spine conditions to incorporate the Cervico 2000 into their treatment protocol.

Your patients will thank you.

Joseph Cammarata, D.C. President NonSurgical Solutions

Dr. Joseph Cammarata


Re: Cervical Traction Unit To Whom it may concern,

I have tried several different Cervical Traction devices in over my 19 years in practice. I have even developed my own. The problem with mine and so many others, they apply a force on the temporal mandibular joint.

This makes the patients uncomfortable. I received my Cervico 2000 soon after you introduced the unit and have not had one complaint.

It works great on our acute, as well as chronic patients, without any force on the TKO. Mr. Snow cane in after his 5 year old work Injury was getting to the point where he was going to have to retire. The prescription pain pills, muscle relaxants, and daily home traction no longer helping. He was now having Radiculopathy in the right arm into the hand. After 10-15 Treatments with Adjustments and your traction device, he was not only feeling better, he was off the medications.

He commented that using the Cervico 2000 for 10 minutes 3 times a week was far better than daily home fraction for a half hour of mere. I would recommend your units to anyone. They will improve the outcome in their practice. I also want to thank your fine company for standing behind your products, and providing excellent customer service I will be purchasing more Cervico 2000 I see patients buying your product for home use and adding more units to our treatment area.

Sincerely Leonard A. Valentine D.C.

Dr. Leonard A. Valentine



“The Cervico 2000 improved my quality of life

I started to suffer from neck pain, out of the blue, about seven years ago. Every week or so, I had pain in my neck and upper back. The pain sometimes, would migrate to my head, causing me a terrible headache. I couldn’t figure out the reason for the pain but, at least, I knew that if I took Advil and had a good neck and back massage the pain would go away. Of course, until the next cycle of pain started. I learned to live with the situation.
About a year ago, the situation escalated, and I started having episodes of electric current in my hands and feet. That freaked me out
I checked with my family doctor and she said that her advice is to learn to live with it since “you definitely don’t want to have a spinal surgery”
Luckily, I like to watch medical TV shows. One day I saw Dr Gruver talking on a TV show about his invention, the Cervico 2000, a device that can stretch the cervical spine to relieve condensed disc pressure. The next day I set an appointment with the doctor. At the consultation, the doctor gave me a 20 minute treatment with the Cervico 2000. That temporarily relieved the pressure that I had in my neck. I came for several more treatments and eventually, I bought the device.
Now, about half a year later. I don’t have electric current in my hands and feet anymore and I have a lot fewer episodes of pressure in my neck and upper back. Every time that some pressure starts, which is usually due to exercising, I use the Cervico 2000 and release the pressure.
I have to mention that Dr. Gruver sent me for a MRI which revealed pressure from the discs between C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7.
Anyway, I just want to thank Dr Gruver for his invention which improved my quality of life.”

Sigal Nehamkin



“I use Cervico2000 since 1 month and I want to express my congratulations and thanks to Meditrac. I have a very good results or my treatment. If you need a treatment for the neck, think of Cervico 2000. This device will give you a lot of satisfaction and less pain.”

Marc-André Bovay – Switzerland


“I recently injured my neck and was in excruciating pain. The pain was so great that I had an MRI and met with an orthopedic surgeon. I delayed the surgery in the hope that it would not be necessary. I went to a Chiropractor who treated me and lent me the Cervico 2000. The device is nothing short of remarkable. I have been using it twice daily and have been extremely satisfied with the product. The Cervico 2000 literally obviated the need major surgery. I have tried other products with no success and highly recommend this device.”

Yours truly,

David S. Gorbach, SIOR President Colonial Realty Two Post Road Fairfield, CT USA


Here is a note to convey my experience with a Cervico 2000. I met a Chiropractor Dr. Larry Ward at a free seminar he hosted at my place of employment, at the leading big box home improvement center.

I learned a lot about pains I was having in my neck and back and decided to make an appointment. I suffered for many years with neck pain and during this seminar, I learned it was from the aprons the employees were required to wear.  I probably carried around 3 pounds of “stuff” in my apron and all of that hanging around my neck.

After seeing Dr. Ward for treatment… he suggested I cut the string around my neck and wear suspenders on my apron to transfer the weight to my shoulders instead of around my neck.  That really helped, but still the pain just didn’t go away.   After successful treatment in his clinic … He eventually told me about a product called a Cervico 2000 which was unlike anything else he had seen up to that time. that was … portable, easy to use, durable, and a “real” medical device that could allow customization of my treatment.

Although the Cervico was above my reach in affordability… my insurance helped cover a majority of the cost.   When I received the Cervico in his office, I was instructed on its use to coincide with my ongoing treatment by Dr. Ward. Improvements were dramatic!

I was using it daily and after a period of time I was able to use it 3x a week for maintenance.   The benefits I obtained were a reduction of 90 percent of my pain in the neck, shoulder, and upper back.   The device continues to work well after over 13 years and I must say… it’s about time to look for new comfort pad replacements as mine is pretty worn!   I would suggest that people with cervical problems look for a Chiropractic Doctor that have available this device for sale.

I have seen the use of “over the door” water traction devices prescribed for my own mother by her MD, and that was a disaster!  Simply too many variables in weight, so traction “pull” was not easily adjustable and just after two uses… it was abandoned because of further injury from that kind of device. The Cervico 2000 is a safe device when used as instructed by a Chiropractic doctor.  The “pull” you get is variable in comfortable minutia adjustments.

It’s quick and easy to instantly remove the device should that ever need to be done.

It’s really not complicated to use and I can treat myself and be done while people with other traction devices are still fiddling with theirs.   Eventually, I think people quit using the “toys” out in the marketplace that promise real treatment, but where the affect is minimal or maybe even exacerbates the problem. I recommend to all my friends to seek out a Chiropractic Physician to see if a Cervico 2000 is right for you!

Clint Gallatin, age 51, Tulsa, OK.  USA – 20.08.2014


Hello everyone involved with my case, Orit, Steve, Dr. Grober, Dr. Carpenos and Patrick, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help is trying to provide relief of my pain and neurological impairment with the use of the Cervico 2000 unit.

I understand the ramifications of using the unit for a condition which it was not designed…and I appreciate your candor in regards to my specific case.

I certainly can voice my disappointment, not with you or your product but in my inability to find a solution to make me feel better.

I am convinced your product provides relief and will someday be forefront in the medical field for people with cervical spine problems. I wish you the very best of luck. Thank you again for everyone’s efforts on my behalf.

Mary Pelrine Merrimack, New Hampshire


I had the opportunity to use “Cervico 2000” for 10 days. NH have been found two nevi protrusions in ce and c7 the some volts involve paresthesia in the left arm and dizziness if times brtaschi movements with it boss.

With the tractions of Cervico 2000, I could see a net improvement of the symptomatology with the almost disappearance of paresthesia and the possibility of moving it head without any disturbance. easy use of Cervico 2000 and its effectiveness, even after the first applications, make this equipment a very effective remedy against the annoying symptoms of neck pain.

A dear health Renato Fortuna


Meditrac Ltd. Provided the only relief available. All this time my eyes were closed as any attempt to open them resulted in seeing everything spinning and vomiting.

It was then that I decided to purchase my own Cervico 2000. I take the unit everywhere and if I lift anything badly or feel any stiffness or heat sensation in my neck I use it for fifteen to twenty minutes and experience immediate relief. As a result, I have only visited my osteopath once during the last year!

As you know, I have recently purchased a second unit for back-up and travelling. I have just completed two months of sailing and used the unit almost every week. Without the Cervico 2000 my sailing days would be over.

Thanking you again for allowing me to continue to enjoy my outdoor lifestyle with my little blue bag close to hand!

Cecil Corbin