Traction on the move not only encourages exercise during treatment, it uses motion to accelerate recovery!

Vertetrac combines the benefits of dynamic traction therapy with the freedom of movement to deliver immediate back pain relief.
Vertetrac’s lumbar ambulatory decompression solution is an innovative, mobile, and cost-effective method for treating lower back pain without drugs and surgery.
It offers a superior alternative to surgery, body braces, or decompression table treatments by bringing relief to spine related injuries and disorders including herniated discs and sciatica.

Traction on the move it uses motion to speed up recovery!

Treatment is more than a back-and-forth motion.  Vertetrac outperforms traditional treatments by combining decompression with a horizontal force; making simultaneous 3D decompressed asymmetrical traction therapy possible.
Being a customized treatment it is specifically tailored to the shape and condition of your back.

Vertetrac is fitted to your body (by yourself or by your medical provider) and is easily adjusted to your needs.
It treats the cause of you back pain rather than just alleviating symptoms.  With the Vertetrac, you are encouraged to walk during traction.  When your lumbar spine is in motion, fluid transfer and increased blood supply occurs making traction significantly more effective.

As we like to say: “Motion is the new lotion for your spine”.

We encourage you to be physically active during your recovery period as immobility or using rigid brace can worsen your medical condition.



Alternative to Surgery

Unique combination of decompression and traction in motion restores confidence to return to physical activity

15-30 Minutes Treatment

Treatment sessions, averaging 15-30 minutes, are significantly shorter than traditional traction

Drug Free Pain Relief

3D traction works simultaneously to bring pain relief and reduced the pressure on the spine

Safe and Effective

Specifically fitted to the shape and condition of your back

Traction on the Move

When your spine is in motion fluid transfer and increased blood supply occurs, making traction significantly more effective

Use at Home

Patients wearing the device can stand, sit, walk and move freely during treatment


Success Stories

Noa, Disc Herination

“After the third, fourth treatment I felt much better. The first time I came I couldn't even stand for more than 5 minutes and after each treatment you get back home and you feel it, you can walk more, you feel more stretched out, the pain is less.”

Dr. Steve Horowitz, Disc Herniation

“This unit saved me! I bought the unit for me not for my patients and used it for 10 days in a row and the pain was gone, i use it on a regular basis 2-3 times a week and I feel great, it is much better than any other traction units that i had in my office for 20 years.”

Yaniv Zilberman, Neck Pain

“After a week of treatment with cervico device the pain reduced significantly. I’m sleeping very well at night and I’m feeling much better”


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