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Dr. Ludwig Stabholz, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Warsaw, was the founder of Meditrac. He was pressed into service during World War II; an event which would unknowingly form the basis of his professional career. Appointed as the department head of surgery in the Polish Army Hospital, Dr. Stabholz was forced to treat, among others, the aching back of an S.S. officer.

Born in Warsaw in 1911, Dr. Stabholz survived the war largely because his skills as a physician were valued. He immigrated to Israel in 1950, and dedicated his professional life to the research and development of spinal treatment. He worked as a back disorder specialist in both public and private medical institutions. For many years, Dr. Stabholz’s areas of research focused on likely causes of the failure of conservative traction methods, and the development of non-surgical solutions for treating spinal disorders.

By 1991, Dr. Stabholz had designed the prototype for the Vertetrac. This innovative device was the distillation of his years of research and field experience and would later become Meditrac’s flagship product. The following year Dr. Stabholz’s book, “Low Back Disorders – Innovative Ambulatory Treatment and Self Treatment,” was published. This seminal work had a great influence on the orthopedic and chiropractic communities. It is upon these principles that Meditrac was founded in 1992.

By the year 2000, Dr. Arieh Grober took over the management of Meditrac Spinal Center in Tel Aviv. Dr. Grober, an orthopedic surgeon with impressive experience, was also entrusted to oversee the medical research programs and product development teams that are at the core of Meditrac products.

Dr. Stabholz passed away in 2007, leaving records of nearly eight decades of detailed research on the “traction on the move” concept he propagated and championed.

Our Future

Our researchers and advisors are committed to delivering a revolutionary therapy concept that benefits health care professionals and their patients worldwide.

Recent research efforts have resulted in the next generation of the Vertetrac, Meditrac’s lumbar spine device. Intensive product development has allowed Meditrac to produce a more affordable and space-saving version. The Meditrac product line also includes the Cervico2000 for the cervical spine, and the D.B.S. system for Scoliosis.

The devices that are currently available for purchase through Meditrac are the 5th generation of the Vertetrac, the 2nd generation of the Cervico 2000, and the 2nd generation of DBS.



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