Treatment idiopathic scoliosis with the DBS

InformationSep 26, 2019

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15 year old Jodie R. was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at the beginning of this year. It was recommended to Jodie that she should perform corset therapy, which required her to be pressed into a corset for 23 hours a day.

After Jodie refused this treatment, her family became aware of Meditrac and found that we could offer a much more manageable solution for a 15 year old girl. Through the use of our Vertetrac and D.B.S devices, Jodie’s spinal curvature and posture has been improved in just three months.

With our method of treatment Jodie is free and able to go about her days in a normal manner. She is mobile during her treatment sessions, which only last 30 minutes per session. Sessions are performed twice a day in combination with a physical therapy regime and swimming from time to time.

Jodie lives in Germany but she keeps in touch with Meditrac’s team at the clinic, especially with Dr. Arik Grober who has followed her case since the start.

With Meditrac’s guidance and support Jodie will continue to use the Vertetrac and D.B.S. treatment to improve her condition and posture in the upcoming months. We are proud of her progress and her ability to cooperate with our treatment concept.

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