The Opioid Epidemic has a Chiropractic Solution

The Opioid epidemic has led neck and back pain sufferers to turn to chiropractic methods for safe and effective treatment options.

Prescribing opioids for back and neck pain may seem to be an easy solution. However, these drugs fail to provide long term relief and do not treat the cause of the problem.  In addition, the use of opioids often comes with harmful side effects including risk of addiction and overdose.  

In Meditrac clinics we always teach our patients that opioid drugs should be a last resort. We work to eliminate the use of opioids through treating our back and neck patients with our proven Meditrac and chiropractic methods and modalities. We also educate our patients about the risks of prescription drugs and work to eliminate the patients need for them, in order to promote their well-being and help them achieve a normal drug free life.

Please enjoy this informative article on the topic. The piece was written for the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, by Coleen Hanson Smith.