Text Neck — The Problem and the Solution

Text Neck — The Problem and the Solution

Hunching over our screens all day can take a toll. Doctors are seeing more patients with head, neck, or back pain caused by bad posture while using mobile technology.

Think about it in your own life.

Do you look at your phone by casting your eyes down — without moving your head or neck?

Keeping your head up and your shoulders pulled back is correct posture to text.

If you lean over your cell phone as you text or read you are prone to “text neck syndrome”

Text Neck Syndrome. It’s a Thing.

The head weighs approximately 11 pounds, and sits balanced at the top of the spine.

Our body’s top heavy construction leaves our spinal column susceptible. Tilting increases pressure on the spine. Tilting forward by only 15 degrees can put 27 lbs. of pressure on the spine. Poor posture can create up to 60 lbs. of pressure on the spine.

Over time, pinched nerves, herniated discs, or general spine degeneration become the unfortunate outcomes of a group of symptoms being referred to as “text neck syndrome.”

Meditrac’s Cervico2000

Many text neck syndrome sufferers will find the traction on the move solution appropriate for their condition. The Meditrac Model encourages exercise during treatment. It uses motion to accelerate recovery. Traction on the move is a solution to treat the cause of neck pain, not just the symptoms.

The treatment plan is called the Cervico2000 ‘Traction on the Move’ solution.

Cervico2000 is an advanced traction solution for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain. It combines the benefits of Meditrac’s dynamic 3D traction therapy with freedom of movement,delivering neck pain relief.

Cervico2000 extends beyond pain relief to target the actual cause of the pain. It effectively stimulates healing by performing both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine. The treatment is a proven pain reducer.

Movement speeds recovery
Research shows that when the spine is in motion a fluid exchange occurs. This is vital for recovery. Movement is medicine, and motion is lotion. In other words, the Cervico2000 ‘Traction on the Move’ solution treats the source of neck pain.

Ask your doctor if this could be a good solution for you.

Until then we recommend sitting straight in your seat, your shoulders squared up over your hip bones. Take a deep breath or two before diving back into your day. Give your spine a little time to rest. But also take time to stretch and move. Motion is lotion. Your back and neck will thank you.