Scoliosis Increase With Age

Spinal curves and deformities are very common in adults and increase with age. The presence of scoliosis or spinal deformity causes significant pain and disability in patients’ functioning.

Most patients report back pain and leg pain as a result of nerve pressure within the spine. The harm caused by quality of life is more significant than in other severe chronic conditions.

In many cases, scoliosis and spinal deformities in adults are diagnosed as early as childhood and adolescence. After adulthood these distortions and curves can continue to worsen and cause pain, disability, and impairment of quality of life.

When scoliosis develops in older age, usually after age 50, it is usually caused by a worsening degeneration process with age. This process damages the joints, discs and ligaments of the spine. As a result, a stable deformity is created in the spine that results in a forward or side-to-side deviation of the spine. In many other cases, the scoliosis and deformity result from fractures, previous surgery, or tumors of the spine.

There are a number of fundamental differences between the curves that develop in older age and those that develop in childhood and adolescence. At the older age, the curvature progresses much faster and their progress is estimated at three degrees a year.

In adolescence, the main structural problem is deformity and deviation from side to side, whereas in older age the forward deflection is more significant and responsible for the great pain and disability.

Diagnosis of scoliosis or spinal deformity in older age is possible through clinical examination at the clinic and x-ray imaging of the entire spine. For example, there is a test called the EOS test, which is a specific test to diagnose curvature and deformities in the spine.

This technology is based on X-rays and allows the patient’s entire skeletal skeleton to be imaged about a quarter of the radiation required for a similar x-ray.

Conservative treatment: In most cases conservative treatment is required that combines rehabilitative therapy such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or exercise that rehabilitates core muscles such as Pilates

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