How I Managed To Handle My Scoliosis

I had the privilege to be under the care of Dr. Grober with The Meditrac system. I have scoliosis with a sixty degree curvature. I am always proactive in supporting what I need to make my body function optimally, especially in my active busy life. This spring I did experience considerable pain. Surgery was never an option I would consider. I needed more support with the chiropractic care I already have. I searched all things in Israel as it is a country known for innovation. I reached out to Dr. Grober clinic in Tel Aviv. They were willing to treat me. I flew to Israel this past August. I had treatments with Vertetrac connected to a Tens device, moving on a treadmill as part of this program requires. Then I had a half hour of acupuncture.

Ran who administered the treatments was an excellent therapist. Dr Grober was very supportive and knowledgeable throughout. Great time and attention was provided in what I needed to do to build up bone density. I came to Israel with a level ten pain. After the five treatments I had zero pain level. I highly recommend The Meditrac program. I will always be very grateful for experiencing this extraordinary program!….Sincerely, Judith Kaufman…New York…U.S.A.