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We at Meditrac know that surgery should be a last resort and value techniques that offer a non-invasive approach to back pain. Posted below is a CBS news story that we share with the hope of encouraging people to consider alternative forms of treatment before any surgery.

CBS news reported a medical incident that occurred in the state of California, which brings attention to the fact that surgery should always be a last resort.

Hundreds of patients were left in painful and possibly life threatening conditions, after receiving back surgeries with counterfeit screws. Aside from the pain and complications that may result from back surgery alone, counterfeit screws will cause more serious medical problems, as they may deteriorate into the body after being implanted.

According to CBS news, patients experience “nothing but pain filled days,” after receiving their surgeries. The article notes that the medical professionals involved were most likely motivated by the monetary reward of performing surgery, and as a result put the lives of hundreds of patients at risk.

Link to article: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/whistleblowers-expose-billion-dollar-back-surgery-scam/

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