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Here's what just a handful of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Vertetrac:

I have been having great results on my treatment, and I am now healed from two herniated lumbar disks. I thank you for the belt, and I am now using it on my patient. They are at first impressed by the tool and some discomfort was prevented by adding a cushion below the top belt buckle.

Dr. Christopher Sevilla DC - France

The Vertetrac has been working wonders on many of our toughest patients. It's been amazing to watch!

Amy Krauss – Bender Chiropractic Health & Vitality Center

At the spine Institute Pty Ltd. In Melbourne Australia, we use Vertetrac as part of our Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression approach to treat disc disorders.
The Dynamic Ambulatory 3D Traction that the Vertetrac offers, helps to distract the spine, increase the intervertebral spaces, creates negative pressure within the disc while the patient is actively walking on the treadmill.
The device complements our patients and assists them on the way to their recovery.

Dr. Ilan Sommer DC, Director Spine Institute Pty Ltd.

“After half a dozen Vertetrac sessions, accompanied by the rehab program, I was virtually pain free and my back was quite stable. On the few occasions since that time when I've re-injured the area, the same protocol gives me relief and facilitates rapid healing.”

Dr. Peter J. Denning, PhD, Chair and Director of the Cebrowski Institute

“I have been using the Meditrac brace for one year with alarming results. Cases ranging from 44 degree scoliosis to the most severe disc ruptures all resulting in dramatic symptomatic and physiological changes.”

Dr. Louis Peter Salvagio, DC

“As an expert on stress and pain relief and being a brain research scientist, I was skeptical about whether the Vertetrac could help me with a serious lumbar spine problem that had developed recently. To avoid surgery, I bought the Vertetrac and started using it right away. The device is well made and easy to put on.
The next step occurred like a miracle, even to my logical, scientific mind. I stood up and was standing fully upright and had no pain.
The pain I had been experiencing every morning was gone…I stood up and was standing fully upright and had no pain. There was no pain on walking and I could walk many more steps without feeling the need to stop and rest. The Vertetrac was priceless for me. I was able to avoid lumbar surgery.”

Dr. Robert A. Levine, PhD, CHt, CHC

“In 1997 I injured my back in an exercise accident. Tests were conducted and the diagnosis was herniated discs of L3 and L4, which was consistent with the symptoms. I was told that I must have surgery; that I had no choice about it. While in the hospital as I was considering the recommendation of the surgeon, a chiropractic doctor told me about the Vertetrac and the good results he was having with his patients using it. The very first time I wore the Vertetrac, I noticed that I could stand up without pain. I began walking a half hour per day, every day for a month. After one month I was healed.”

Nathaniel Wirt, PhD, DC

"These devices have truly been amazing for the patients with outstanding clinical outcomes. I think I purchased them both around 15 years ago. As a result, we have likely avoided hundreds of spinal surgeries."

Dr. Andrew P. Hatch, DC, MBA, PhDc08.10.2015
CEO - Global Wellness
Alameda dos Oceanos Lt.142 0A | 1990-506 Sacavem | Portugal
Tel: + 351 218 969 162 | Fax: + 351 218 965 149
| Mobile: 351 96 279 7525

Prezada Rina, Segue abaixo meu depoimento sobre o Vertetrac:

"Equipamento de excelente qualidade e de fácil manuseio e que vem agregando muito valor ao tipo de tratamento que desencadeio junto aos meus pacientes exclusivamente portadores de hérnias de disco e outro tipo qualquer de dores nas costas de várias origens. Espero, com o Vertetrac, dar aos meus pacientes uma melhor qualidade de vida e fazer com que eles retornem às suas atividades de vida diárias com muito mais rapidez do que com qualquer outro tipo de tratamento. E o melhor de tudo é que, com o Vertetrac podemos eliminar de uma vez por todas a ingestão sem fim de medicamentos e a possibilidade de procedimentos cirúrgicos. Meus agradecimentos à Clínica Romanofisio, dirigida pelo Dr. Rodrigo Romano que está dando total assessoria á minha pessoa aqui no Brasil à pedido da Meditrac.”

Kelley Gonçalves Násser - Fisioterapeuta/Quiropraxista – Brazil - 03.09.2015

"One of my better cases was a 54 year old female with disc bulges at L3 4 5 on the left side she had severe pain, left sided foot drop, weakness and atrophy of the left quad, at first she could not tolerate the Meditrac for more than a few minutes but after a few days the only complete relief she had was when she was wearing the Meditrac, she had been scheduled for surgery but within three weeks her pain had reduced by 80% she was able to cancel the surgery and within another month was totally pain free and remains so to this day, this was one of many successes I have had over the years with the Meditrac and this case happened in the 1996, every now and then I still see this patient but never for the same type of symptoms as described above."

Dr. Douglas Stam 04.12.2013

"I have been a licensed massage therapist (specializing in deep tissue) for the past 23 years. I LOVE my job because I love helping people. I was told that most massage therapists last for about 15 years as they develop problems with their own backs and move on to other careers, so, at 23 years, I'm quite overdue! "They" were right as I have developed a severe back problem known as Spondylolisthesis which is quite painful. It means that one of the vertebrae has slipped forward causing a nerve to be pinched. After many doctors visits and different therapies a friend of mine insisted I go to her chiropractor as he had something "special" he used as traction that might help me. Being desperate, I made the long trip 3 times a week in the beginning and then 2 times a week etc. On my first visit I was fully expecting to be laid out on a traction table and stretched! I was quite surprised when he walked in with this rather small device that he tightly wrapped around my waist and then put me on a treadmill at a very slow speed for about 15 minutes. Well, needless to say, IT WORKED! I could finally really start feeling a difference in my back. I would feel "taller" every time I walked out of there. Eventually, I stopped going as he was simply too far away from me and I could no longer afford the expense. His treatments have lasted for just over a year now and my condition has returned with a vengeance!!!! I have just ordered my own unit and it should arrive shortly. I am literally counting the days until it gets here so I can rip it open and put it on and start feeling relief. In closing, all I can say is that whomever it was that came up with this idea is nothing short of a GENIUS!! So, wherever you are, out there - THANK YOU!!!"

Carley R - Southern California

To Meditrac:

This is to confirm that I have used the Meditrac Vertetrac successfully over the past 10 years in the treatment of low back disorder. I have especially good results with lumbar disc bulges, protrusions, herniation, and even fragments, confirmed on MRI.
It is my treatment of choice for most low back injuries and conditions, short of fracture or cancer.

In October 2002, I was rear-ended by a linen delivery truck and suffered  disc level injuries, T7, L12 (disc spur complex) and L45. My pain was severe the first weeks after the injury. However, as soon as I could tolerate traction, I began putting myself in the Vertetrac daily. I was able to get out of pain during short treatment sessions and began the slow climb into recovery. I did almost daily treatment sessions from November through April with the Vertetrac. This permitted me to maintain my practice and continue surfing for exercise. It is now almost 8 months post-accident and I have times when I am pain free and days that I don’t need any treatment whatsoever. I apply the traction twice weekly now during my workweek. Recently, I spent 7 days surfing in Hawaii and was pain-free most of the time.

I recommend the Vertetrac to all of my colleagues, and have found it to be a source of patient referrals to me, and most of all, it has permitted me to maintain my own work activity after a bad auto accident. This is the mot important piece of equipment in my practice, along with my adjusting table. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience helping patients with the Vertetrac.

Dr. Jo. C Stroud, D.C.
P.O. Box 3004
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

"Tried this at a chiropractor in CT while I was in college. Completely alleviated my sciatica pain and am looking to continue home use for maintenance."


Dear Meditrac,

In November 2008, a patient of mine retired from playing professional soccer for 16 years. She returned to the US and arrived at my office in extreme pain and antalgia. Her lumbar MRI showed two severe herniations at L4-5 and L5-S1. I was very concerned and decided to purchase the Vertetrac after reading about it. I began to use the Vertetrac daily starting at  minutes at 2 MPH on the treadmill after using my cold laser and performing ART to the appropriate muscles. She also needed a trial of  3 epidural injections which gave her enough pain relief to receive the therapy (she only felt relief after the first epidural , the remaining two did not provide any further relief.) Over several months of care she improved to the point of being able to coach soccer and live pain free. She uses the Vertetrac periodically for maintenance care and is continuing to coach.

I have used the Vertetrac with many disc herniation patients with great results. I have a small disc herniation at L4-5 and use the Vertetrac after heavy deadlifts. Instead of feeling a bit stiff the next day, I have no pain and really feel like I did not even lift the day before. At 50 years old, this is a great feeling.

Thank you Meditrac for a wonderful therapy!

Steven Horwitz, DC, CCSP. CKTP, CCD, USAW, HKC, USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
1996 United States Olympic Team Chiropractor 

"I use Vertetrac and Cervico 2000 devices since May 2010 and I want to express my congratulations and thanks to Meditrac for these amazing effective treatment options. I use it every day at least for 15 patients daily and results are really good. I had many patients that I saved them from surgery. At the beginning of treatment the most important is that patients believe and to understand what kind of treatment is it."

BEGOVIC, Haris P.T. MSc. PhD 
ROMATEM Physical Therapy Hospital

Good Morning,

I’d like to say that I am having very good results with the Cervico and Vertetrac here in Brazil… The results of my treatment are excellent.
Thank you very much,

Reneta Fidalgo

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Grober, who saved me from an operation on my spinal cord.

I arrived at the ER with a disc hernia, in terrible pain and shortly after the first check was almost persuaded to undergo surgery. The doctors insisted that surgery was the only option because the chances for recovery were negligible. I was hesitant since I heard about the possible complications of the surgery and also the high changes of a second episode. I was terrified and looking for any alternative.

Fortunately, I heard from a friend that there is an effective treatment that helped some patients with problems like mine to avoid surgery and recover from spine injuries.

When I first arrived to Dr. Grober's clinic two weeks after hospitalization, I was unable to walk straight and needed help to support my body weight. The pain was almost unbearable. At the beginning of the treatment I was only capable of making several steps with Dr. Grober's device; however,after several weeks I was able to walk with no support, move around and fully take care of myself.

Today, a year after the hospitalization, my back is in much better condition and I am working, walking for long distances, and able to perform any everyday task.

Needless to say, I'm very happy to avoid surgery and feel very grateful to Dr. Grober.

Oren Yehezkel

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