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Cervico 2000 - Testimonials

Read Just A Few Of Our Client Success Stories!
Here's what just a handful of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Cervico 2000:

I use Cervico2000 since 1 month and I want to express my congratulations and thanks to Meditrac. I have a very good results or my treatment. If you need a treatment for the neck, think of Cervico 2000. This device will give you a lot of satisfaction and less pain.

Marc-André Bovay – Switzerland

"These devices have truly been amazing for the patients with outstanding clinical outcomes. I think I purchased them both around 15 years ago. As a result, we have likely avoided hundreds of spinal surgeries."

Dr. Andrew P. Hatch, DC, MBA, PhDc – 08.10.2015
CEO - Global Wellness
Alameda dos Oceanos Lt.142 0A | 1990-506 Sacavem | Portugal
Tel: + 351 218 969 162 | Fax: + 351 218 965 149
| Mobile: 351 96 279 7525 ahatch@gwcentres.com

"I recently injured my neck and was in excruciating pain. The pain was so great that I had an MRI and met with an orthopedic surgeon. I delayed the surgery in the hope that it would not be necessary. I went to a Chiropractor who treated me and lent me the Cervico 2000. The device is nothing short of remarkable. I have been using it twice daily and have been extremely satisfied with the product. The Cervico 2000 literally obviated the need major surgery. I have tried other products with no success and highly recommend this device."

Yours truly,
David S. Gorbach, SIOR
President Colonial Realty
Two Post Road Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 367-4087

"I live near San Antonio, Texas I have been using the Cervico for several years and cannot walk for exercise without wearing it. I was in a car that went upside down 18 years ago. The car was partially crushed and severely injured my neck and head. Since that time, I have never been able to walk very far until I got the Cervico. It certainly changed my life. I wear it every time I get in a vehicle because the movement of riding in a car hurts my neck very much. I have 2 herniated discs in my neck. My doctor believes that the tendons of the muscles that hold my head up are torn from where they attach to the skull.Without the Cervico, I would never walk more than 2 of three minutes and go months without ever leaving my house because of the vibration of riding in a car hurt so much. Thank you for the Cervico!. I would like to find a doctor to see if my daughter could benefit from the Vertetrac."

Thank you.

Shelley Steigerwald





























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    Meditrac's products are used to treat a wide range of spinal disorders, including sciatica, herniated disc, whiplash injury, degenerative changes, and spinal stenosis due to disc herniation.

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