Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine and is considered the most common spinal deformity. Approximately 500,000 American adults have scoliosis of over 30°. Scoliosis in adults over 20 years of age begins in childhood or adolescence, and is mostly overlooked until it is quite severe.

There are two different forms of scoliosis: structural, with definite changes in the vertebrae, and postural, which is of functional character.

The D.B.S. (Dynamic Brace System) is a patented system used for the treatment of idiopathic juvenile, adolescent, and adult scoliosis.

The D.B.S unit serves as an attachment to the Vertetrac and adjusts the traction in combination with a horizontal pressure force locating it on the apex of the curve.

Unlike other braces, the D.B.S is designed for a few short daily treatments and should not be worn continually.   

The D.B.S. system takes into account a number of factors, including the physiological age of the patient, the size and location of the curve, and the progress of the curve. The initial treatment with the D.B.S. is the same as with the Vertetrac.
However, the D.B.S. System applies different decompression to patients with a sciatic scoliosis.  This helps restore normal upright stance while decreasing muscle spasm, often leading to full recovery.

Benefits and Advantages:
Safe and Cost-Effective
While invasive procedure might have irreversible results and require subsequent rehabilitation post-hospitalization, the D.B.S treatment costs a fraction of the costs of spinal surgery and has no side effects. The following tables summarize these advantages with a detailed comparison of an invasive and non-invasive intervention:

  D.B.S Treatment Invasive Procedure
Time 3 weeks-5 months (minimum) 1 day + 1 year rehabilitation
Risks Low High
Side effects Pain free Highly possible
Commitment Full Minimal
Costs Comparable to brace's price $20,000 - $120,000 *
Results Unlimited possibility 50% reduction

Indications for use:

  • The spinal curvature is between 10-30 degrees and has structured changes including rotation. The curve progression should be considered only with a minimum increase of 5 degrees on two sequential X-rays.

We recommend using the D.B.S. treatment with a physician's guidance and under observation of a specialist.

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