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News & Events

MEDICA2016 - Nov. 2016

Orit Grober - Meditrac's CEO





Oran Drach - Meditrac's International Business Development

Lesley - Meditrac's Distributor in UK - Demonstrates the Cervico2000 on one of the visitors

Oran and Lesley - Demonstrates the Vertetrac

Thank you for visiting our booth - See you next year at MEDICA2017 


How the Vertetrac Helped Me and Helps My Practice – By Dr. Nathaniel Wirt - The American Chiropractor – July 2015

The Vertetrac has been a vital tool within my chiropractic practice for treating extreme lower back problems. The device has produced much success at augmenting the results of chiropractic manipulation

The full article is attached here 


Meditrac products presented by Arbin - in Rehabilitation Congress in Antalya - Turkey



Meditrac Presents: KIMES2014 Exhibition in Korea via YMED

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DC Practice Insights: 3-D Portable Traction: A winning Treatment Concept – By Steven Horwitz, DC, CCSP, CSCS – October 2013

"Traction on the Move" – A Treatment concept worth a closer look.

The full article is attached here


The American Chiropractor: Amazing Chiropractor Interview with Dr. Steven Horwitz, DC, CCSP, CSCS, CKTP – July 2013
Sports Injury Practice with a Focus on Injury Prevention

In this interview, Dr. Horwitz, a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, recommend on "Traction on the Move" as a winning concept.

The full article is attached here


Orthopedic Surgeon's Alternative Care to Back Surgery


Interview with Arieh Grober,M.D.

Graduated in 1977 from Haifa-University Technion Medical School, Israel. Dr. Grober assumed Post-Graduate studies at Tel-Aviv University and worked for many years as an Orthopedic Surgeon in the Beilinson Campus, Rabin Medical-Center where he specialized in Orthopedic Surgery. In 1999, he invented and registered the patent on Cervico 2000 – a cervical traction unit.

The full article is attached here


The American Chiropractor: New Hope for Scoliosis sufferers - An Holistic Approach - March 2012

A look at the unique 3-step approach to treat Scoliosis, by Kevin Lau, D.C.

In this article Dr. Lau describes how he uses Meidtrac's proprietary Vertetrac and DBS (Dynamic Brace System) attachment as a non-invasive and long term solution to the scoliosis disease.

The full article is attached here


Chiropractic Product Review: The Vertetrac - February 2012 - the largest online consumer research site for chiropractic products has chosen to review the Vertetrac by Meditrac and found it well built, easy to use, and effective.

"Unlike other decompression devices, the Vertetrac allows the patient to participate in active rehab while wearing the unit. The ability to engage in therapeutic activities during spinal decompression is a breakthrough that ChiroHub had to see."

Click here for the thorough analysis ChiroHub Product Review

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