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What Is Traction?

Traction is a non-invasive, relatively friendly and progressive form of treatment which is physiologically suited to restore the normal position of the spine. Traction enables a widening of the intervertebral space, thereby reducing the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root. This is done by inducing negative pressure that enables the disc to return to its normal position. It is an excellent tool also used as a preventive treatment by those who suffer from a bad back.

Can Traction Worsen My Medical Condition?

Traction can seldom worsen your medical condition. In the worse case, it doesn’t help treat your pain.

What Advantages Do the Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 Have Over Other Traction Devices?

The Vertetrac is a lumbar traction device used to treat back pain and other specific spinal problmes, and the Cervico 2000 is a cervical traction device used to treat neck pain and problems. While other devices are relatively large, immobile, and take up valuable floor space, both the Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 are totally portable and lightweight.
Meditrac’s products require minimal training, and their simple operation even allow for self-treatment. Other devices require a trained medical professional which doesn’t allow for the patient to administer self-traction.
The Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 allow for active exercise during treatment, thus providing active rehabilitation and allowing for accelerated healing. When using other forms of tractions, the patient is required to be immobile and passive.
Also, both devices allow for multi-dimensional and asymmetrical traction and therefore provide beneficial features that other traction devices (which are restricted to one-dimensional, symmetrical traction) can not.
The optional D.B.S. component is another feature of the Vertetrac which is designed to treat idiopathic Scoliosis in a most comfortable way.

How Many Treatments Do I Need In Order to Get “Back on Track”?

In the case of acute back pain, it is recommended to undergo 12 daily treatments with the Vertetrac. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes. For acute neck pain, it is recommended to undergo 8 to 10 daily treatments with the Cervico 2000. Each treatment lasts 15 to 20 minutes.
In the case of chronic neck or back pain, treatment may take longer. Depending on the medical condition, 3 to 5 weeks of treatment using either the Vertetrac or the Cervico 2000 may be recommended. The first 2 weeks of the treatment may be daily, while sessions may drop off to once every few days after the initial two weeks.

Are the Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 Covered by US Insurance?

Most of the insurance companies in the US completely cover the treatment procedure as classified as mechanical traction. Medicare and other HMO providers also partially reimburse the purchase of the devices for homecare use. It is suggested that you find out the exact conditions with your specific medical insurance provider.

Why Are the Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 More Expensive Than Other Portable Traction Devices?

Both of Meditrac’s products have features that other portable devices don’t, including the 3D traction force which work simultaneously to bring pain relief. The Vertetrac also has the special D.B.S. adaptor, which is used for Scoliosis treatment and can create 2 differential forces from different sides of the patient’s body. Both the Vertetrac and the Cervico 2000 contain state of the art engineered mechanisms and are constructed from highly advanced, durable materials, thus ensuring quality performance.

Can the Vertetrac or the Cervico 2000 Be Purchased In Different Sizes?

Both of Meditrac’s products are “one size fits all”. Also, the Vertetrac can be used by any patient up to a size 48 waist.

Is Treatment with Meditrac Traction Devices More Preferable Than Surgery?

In most cases, using Meditrac’s traction devices is preferred to surgery. This is due to the fact that surgery physically alters the spine by removing all or part of the problematic disc. Although this can reduce the pressure on the nerve and relieve back pain, the surgery tends to place more stress on the healthy discs directly above and below the problematic disc.

As with any operation, there are risks associated with spinal surgery and complications can be severe. Possible complications include:

  • Injury to the spinal cord, nerves, esophagus, carotid artery, or vocal cords
  • Non-healing of the bony fusion
  • Failure to improve
  • Instrumentation breakage and/or failure
  • Infection
  • Bone graft site pain

Other complications may include phlebitis in your legs, blood clots in the lungs, or urinary problems.

Surgery to relieve chronic lower back pain is usually no better than intensive rehabilitation and nearly twice as expensive.

We do not ignore the fact that there is a small percentage of cases that indeed require surgery or medication. In some cases, surgery can significantly help back pain sufferers. But surgery should always be a last resort, offered when conservative treatments have failed.

We recommend that you exhaust all other avenues before surgery.

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