A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Back and Neck Pain Treatment

Meditrac runs two successful clinics in Tel Aviv. Patients come from all over the world to undergo treatment in our clinics.

For more than 20 years, Meditrac has been at the forefront of non-invasive spinal technology.  We invite you to join us and be a part of our success.

  • We welcome clinics who wish to implement our “Traction on the Move” treatment concept as a part of their rehabilitation program.
  • We invite individuals to be Meditrac representatives in their region.
  • We welcome partnerships with clinics that would like to participate in our research or co-develop a new line of products. We are currently working on new technology that will be integrated into our products.
  • We welcome partnerships with Physicians and Entrepreneurs, who are interested in establishing a chain of clinics, which will operate as Meditrac Spinal Center extensions worldwide.

Participate in our research

Co-develop a new line of products

Support and Training

Insurance reimbursable (USA)

Breakthrough Treatment

80% Success Rate

We have observed an 80% reduction in symptoms based on our extensive medical studies.  Clinics that follow these protocols have seen similar results.  Results may vary depending on age, condition, treatment compliance, genetics, diagnosis, and other factors. Not all patients are candidates for treatment or are accepted for care.


Proven Results

TRACTION ON THE MOVE treatment can provide excellent results that go beyond pain management issues that do not respond to traditional protocols. It is also recommended for patients who no longer wish to rely on narcotic solutions. We understand the difficulties faced by patients coping with what is often a life-altering issue.
Join us to help make a difference in your patients’ lives.


Training and Support

Meditrac provides ongoing training available to new staff, as well as supportive peer-to-peer counseling.  Our ongoing training will assist you in developing protocol in addition to providing insight and support on treating specific patients.

You Are In Good Hands with Meditrac.


Our Products


The Vertetrac allows patients to participate in their regular daily activities and in active rehabilitation throughout their therapy process. The Vertetrac serves as an effective treatment for scoliosis with the addition of the patented Dynamic Bracing System (DBS) Scoliosis Rail.

As a Provider, you may treat multiple patients at the same time. Our products do not require extra space in the clinic and are maintenance free. You may build an independent adjustment plan to each patient according to his/her needs.

The Vertetrac performs decompression to the spine in 3-dimensions by combining vertical, horizontal, symmetrical, and asymmetrical traction — a feature that does not exist in other devices.

Based on this innovation, we have developed a new treatment concept coined “Traction on the Move“. Your patients enjoy complete freedom of movement while you provide superior results in less time, and at a fraction of the cost.


The Cervico 2000 is a dynamic decompression unit for the cervical spine, specifically designed to treat whiplash disorders and herniated disc injuries.

The Cervico 2000 actively promotes healing by allowing the Practitioner to individually adjust the reloading of the cervical spine according to the patient’s particular needs.

The Cervico 2000 exclusively performs decompression to the Spine in 3-dimensions, a feature that does not exist in other devices.

Meditrac has developed a treatment concept called “Traction on the Move”, which treats cervical disorders through active rehabilitation.

As a Provider, you may treat multiple patients at the same time. Our products do not require extra space in the clinic and are maintenance free. You may build an independent adjustment plan to each patient according to his/her needs.


The Dynamic Brace System known as D.B.S., is a dynamic portable traction device that is secured to the back. It works in a 3-dimensional plane to allow for vertical and horizontal traction, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical traction. It was initially developed to aid those suffering from herniated discs, low back pain, and sciatic pain. Because of the 3- dimensional traction, it can correct a swayed back, flat back, as well as scoliosis.

Meditrac recommends this device to patients who suffer from progressive scoliosis, such as an adolescent who has not reached skeletal maturity.  It may also be used on those with a spinal curvature greater than 20 degrees.  D.B.S. is effective in correcting scoliosis as well as preventing further curvature of the spine.  This is due to the fact that it has a horizontal pressure force which can be moved and adjusted according to the patient’s condition.

The D.B.S. is easy to use. Patients requiring long-term care may easily be taught by a trained Provider how to administer treatments at home. Treatments thus become more convenient, and patients feel that they have more control over their situation. An X-ray is recommended before you begin using the D.B.S. and 6 months after to record any changes that have occurred in your spine.

Clinical studies have proven that the D.B.S. can improve your range of motion, lessen your back pain, and correct the curvature of the spine.



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