Arieh Grober, MD, Ph.D. – Founder & Head of Meditrac Spinal clinic
Arieh (Arik) Grober, MD, Ph.D., is a renowned orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience in spinal disorders, low back pain, cervical spine issues, and pediatric orthopedics for babies and newborns.  Dr. Grober is an independent advisor for Israeli Medicare Insurance, and is an active member of the American Back Society (A.B.S.), the Israeli Spine Association, the Israeli Pediatric Orthopedic Society, World Chiropractic Federation, and since 2000, has been registered in the International Who’s Who of Medicine and Healthcare.

In 1999 Dr. Grober invented and registered the patent on the popular Cervico2000 Cervical Traction unit, a medical device sold worldwide.  He is the owner and medical director of two orthopedic clinics in the Tel Aviv area.

Dr. Grober is a graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine.  He did post-graduate training in Munster, Germany on innovative orthopedic techniques as well as an intensive program on fetal ultrasound techniques.

(Dr. Arieh Grober's CV)

Mrs. Orit Grober, LLB – CEO and President
A business lawyer in private practice since 1991, Mrs. Grober was asked to step into a management role at Meditrac in 1993.  By 2007 she had assumed full responsibility as chief executive, all the while balancing her successful law practice.  

Orit served as an Honorary Chairman of the Public Board of Directors in the Medical Division of I.E.I. (Israeli Export Institute), and is currently a volunteer member. "Aleh" organization for disabled children

Additionally, Mrs. Grober is an active volunteer assisting Holocaust survivors in their day-to-day challenges and allocating professional pro bono hours to assist survivors with formal legal matters.

Mr. Ram Katz - Product Manager Currently in his last year of studying for a BSc. in mechanical engineering at Tel Aviv university, Ram has over two years of experience in production management working at IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries) and extensive knowledge in mechanical design.

Ms. Rina Weiner - Executive Secretary
Rina has over two decades of experience working in team management and administrative positions.

Mr. Ran Keidar, PT – Physical Therapist
Since 2001 Ran has been treating patients at the Meditrac Spinal Center in Tel Aviv.  Ran utilizes Meditrac's dynamic ambulatory traction, Vertetrac, where indicated, and Cervico 2000, sometimes with acupuncture, for spinal problems.  Additionally, Mr. Keidar works at Clalit Health Services – Alternative Medicine clinic as a therapist with alternative medicine, Chinese medicine and reflexology.

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