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Meditrac continues to be at the forefront of non-invasive spinal technology innovation and invites you to join and be a part of our success:

  • We welcome partnerships with clinics that would like to participate in our research or co-develop a new line of products.
  • We welcome partnerships with Physicians and Entrepreneurs, who are interested in establishing a chain of clinics which would operate as Meditrac Spinal Center extension.
  • We welcome new distributors around the globe who specialized in the fields of: rehabilitation, physical therapy
    or non-invasive technology for the spine health.

For additional information please contact us directly and state the precise purpose of your referral:

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  • About us

    Revolutionary Breakthrough in Back and Neck Treatment
    Meditrac offers a novel approach to back and neck pain treatments which integrates a portable cervical or lumbar spine traction unit with an active physical therapy program which enables rapid recovery and helps to eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery.

    Meditrac's products are used to treat a wide range of spinal disorders, including sciatica, herniated disc, whiplash injury, degenerative changes, and spinal stenosis due to disc herniation.

    So what are you waiting for?
    According to a clinical study performed by the Orthopedic Technological Review, 86% of all cases experienced spinal pain relief as a result of direct traction decompression.
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